Christina Aguilera Reveals More Sneak Peek Photos From Her 'Your Body' Video (PHOTOS)

Christina Aguilera releases more photos from "Your Body" -- and manages to make an ugly couch look GORG!

Christina Aguilera has been SO generous with all of her "Your Body" video sneak peeks -- it's almost as if we're being given a set of GORG puzzle pieces to put together! Or a bedazzled scavenger hunt/road map! So at this point, if we had to guess what the video's about based on listening to the song itself, Facebook photo hints, that pic where Christina's caught busting up cars with a baseball bat, and a video clip where she BLOWS UP AN EFFING CAR, we'd have to say that the story line may be about a woman with a passion for fashion, neon accessories, plus a serious penchant for destroying automobiles. (BEST. PLOT. EVER!)

Check out more sneak peeks of Christina Aguilera's "Your Body" music video after the jump!

Christina fans herself (being this hot all the time is hard!) while on the "Your Body" video set.

The "Voice" judge recently shared a batch of behind-the-scenes photos straight from the "Your Body" video set (which will appear on her upcoming album, Lotus (dropping Nov. 18). But don't get it twisted, guys! The new album may be named after a flower celebrated for its spiritual and zenful affiliations, but leave it to Xtina to achieve serenity by seducing us on a grandma-friendly flower-patterned sofa, and fanning herself in a necklace that reminds everyone she's a "Rich B****." (Annnd this is the part where we all bow down to Queen Christina.)

+ Watch the sneak peek video from the set of Christina Aguilera's "Your Body."

Photo credit: RCA Records