Lady Gaga Sends A Message To Haters By Wearing A Massive Oven Mitt Dress (PHOTO)

Please enjoy Lady Gaga unabashedly looking like an oven mitt!

As you probably know by now, we think you should leave Lady Gaga alone. But no, seriously, LEAVE HER ALONE! We DGAF about Mother Monster's recent weight gain, and neither should you. Gaga recently opened up to Elvis Duran of New York's Z100 about her weight, claiming "I'm dieting right now, because I gained, like, 25 pounds."

In a bold "eff the haters" move, Gaga recently rocked a massive Comme Des Garcon dress that kinda looked like a cross between a gingerbread lady and a chicer version of the Arby's oven mitt as she departed the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome hotel this weekend.

As you might have inferred from its, ahem, oversize lines, the cut of Lady Gaga's dress intentionally hides her body (which is rare considering THIS and THIS and THIS). It's more that Gaga's choice of attire sends a clear message to everyone yakking about her body to shut it, and shut it right now. Also, if you've got a warm tin of gluten-free chocolate muffins that you need to remove from your oven, Gaga would probably be glad to help out if you ask nicely.

Photo credit: Getty Images