Song Premiere: Mario, 'Killa'

Mario is back with his latest song, "Killa." Let him love you, you guys!

You and I both know that we each listened to Mario's "Let Me Love You" and "Breakup" about 99,000,000 times respectively when they dropped. You and I also both know that our undying love for that song has made you TERRIBLY excited to check out "Killa," Mario's latest jam. We both know a lot. Let's pat ourselves on the back.

Listen to Mario's "Killa" after the jump.

Produced by Glass John, "Killa" is Mario's own independent release before his upcoming full-length album drops on RCA. Set to a hazy, laid-back R&B track, "Killa"'s production is sparse, leaving ample room for Mario's commanding vocals to take hold as he coos "you got that killa, killa, killa, killa, killa" x 1000. Yes, it's repetitive, but it's so alluring and hypnotic that we don't even fully care what he's singing. That is, of course, unless it's along the lines of a "Let Me Love You" part deux, in which case we'd be the happiest Mario fans on Earth. HINT HINT HINT.

+ Listen to Mario's "Killa."

Photo credit: RCA