New Song: Leona Lewis, 'Glassheart'

Leona Lewis explores dubstep on her latest single, "Glassheart."

We never thought we'd use the words "dubstep" and "Leona Lewis" in the same sentence, but praise everything, because it's all happening, courtesy of Leona's latest release, "Glassheart." The "Bleeding Love" songstress may have wowed us with "Trouble," but now she's upping the musical ante BIG TIME.

Listen to Leona Lewis' "Glassheart" after the jump.

Set to a grimy, hazy beat (which, by the way, vaguely reminds us of Alex Clare's "Too Close"), Leona's crisp vocals rise above the noise as she croons about the fragility of the heart (er, as opposed to a total eclipse of the heart?): "So baby if you love me/ Let me know/ 'Cause everything hurts just like before/ You're about to tear this heart apart/ I love you like a glass heart." (Aaand cue the obvious Blondie/"Heart Of Glass" reference here.)

And now all that's left to say is, props to you, Leona! We are ALL about this grimy dubstep transition! Maybe next time around you could even include 10 seconds or so of rapping for good measure? 'Cause why not?

+ Listen to Leona Lewis' "Glassheart." 

Photo credit: Sony BMG