Cher Lloyd Gets A New Puppy, And We CANNOT Handle All The Cuteness! (PHOTO)

Cher Lloyd shows off her newest "Brat" -- a puppy!

Step aside Miley Cyrus' pooch parade and Joe Jonas' doggy gang, 'cause Cher Lloyd and her puppy are the newest star-studded canine-friendly family in town. Just look at those adorbz eyes and that perfect nose! Oh, and the puppy is SO cute, too. LOL! Also, we're officially thinking about starting a brand-new blog where we only feature our favorite pop stars with their pups. We'll call it "Pup Stars!" (HEH)

The MTV Posted artist for September shared a photo of her new pup on Twitter along with the caption "My new baby!!!xxx(: thank you so much @shrinkabulls." Aside from imagining how @shrinkabulls must be some magical place where they make miniature versions of dogs for famous people (they get all the best hookups!), we're really happy that Cher's got a new little four-legged BFF (aka "Brat Friends Forever") to dress up with (just like Lady Gaga does with her pooch)! We also hope Cher spends some time teaching the pup really important tricks, like how to properly grunt (or woof!) in tune.

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Photo Credit: @CherLloyd