Star Spotting: Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Rides Again! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga wears a shorter, revamped version of her meat dress in Amsterdam.

You might be keeping tabs on where Lady Gaga's infamous 2010 MTV VMAs meat dress will be heading next on its museum tour, but we're absolutely LIVING for this revamped meat dress that Mother Monster sported at her concert in Amsterdam. And if you compare the two dresses, you may immediately notice the difference in sizes -- the new one is wayyy smaller! We totally understand, though. Sky-high prices of Prime U.S.D.A. meat these days would even make the incredibly wealthy want to cut costs somewhere. No beef with that! (Meat wordplay: Free of charge, guys.)

Check out more of Lady Gaga's meat dress after the jump!

Lady Gaga is NOT a piece of meat, guys! Look, but don't touch.

While we can't think of anyone else who could rock raw animal insides quite like the ARTPOP singer, we're really starting to wonder if Gaga's biggest mystery (aside from her apparent rapping skills everyone's talking about) is what the woman's closet looks like. Think about it: Does the temperature stay below 32 degrees to keep her dresses fresh? And instead of plastic storage containers, does she have flowerpots growing her next flower helmet!? We're talking about a woman that has her own effing airline and has superpowers like the ability to snag clothes straight off the fashion runway... oh, AND SHE WEARS SLICES OF BEEF AS CLOTHING!!! We refuse to believe that Gagaloo's closet is some lame construction filled with shoe racks, suitcases, and really old posters of *NSYNC like ours!

Photo credit: Splash News