Please Enjoy This GIF Of One Direction's Harry Styles Juggling

As if he needed another skill -- Harry Styles can juggle, guys.

It's not like One Direction's Harry Styles is hurting for talents, you know? He's already got his face, his hair (do those qualify as talents? Panel says: YES), singing in a super-famous boy band, releasing a BRAND-NEW VIDEO with said boy band, and like, maybe his sick new tattoo counts as well? (The skill of looking perfect in a wet T-shirt, maybe.) But like the overachiever he is, Harry Styles can now add juggling to his list of skills. Because some people have the gift of great coordination, and it's just not fair.

To celebrate Harry and his bros performing at the iTunes festival in London, Capital FM put together some RIDIC GIFs of One Direction (and they weren't the only ones in on the GIFs action!!). And sure, while we may be a smidge biased, we happen to think OUR GIFs of the 2012 VMAs winners in "Most Share-Worthy," "Best Pop Video," and "Best New Artist" categories (!!!) are also pretty dope. We also believe that one time we turned One Direction in cats probably gives us the lead in the One Direction homage competition, wouldn't you say?

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Photo credit: Capital FM