POSTED: Cher Lloyd Performs Acoustic Version Of 'With Ur Love' (VIDEO)

Cher Lloyd sings an acoustic version of "With Ur Love"

We took an "Oath" to offer y'all everything Cher Lloyd, and we're keeping our promise by celebrating the adorbz Brit as MTV's POSTED artist for September! All month long, we follow the Sticks + Stones singer through exclusive videos and interviews at

Last week, we learned how to be a proper Cher "Brat" (and have officially spent the majority of our free time perfecting Cher's infamous grunt that can be heard in "Want U Back" -- UGH!). We also caught a softer side of the singer during her acoustic performance of the normally in-your-face power anthem. This week, Cher has another stripped-down version of one of her tunes, "With Ur Love." SPOILER ALERT: Expect utter flawlessness.

Watch Cher Lloyd's acoustic version of "With Ur Love" after the jump!

In the video, Cher reminds us exactly how she dominated on the U.K. version of "The X Factor" -- girl's got some killer pipes! In the acoustic version of "With Ur Love," Cher sets aside the playful hip-hop beat that dominates the original (that also happens to feature Mike Posner) to offer a more vulnerable approach. Even the tough-girl lyrics, "Used to always think I was bulletproof/ But you got an AK, and you're blowing through," sound like sweetly vulnerable poetry in the live version. Basically, Cher's like the ULTIMATE triple threat: swagger when she wants, a heart of gold all the time, AND one heck of a fashion sense. It's official, we're Brats for life.

+ Watch Cher Lloyd's acoustic version of "With Ur Love."