New Video: MGK, 'Stereo'

MGK fought the law (and his girl's angry dad) in his latest, "Stereo."

We are VERY familiar with MGK and his "Wild Boy" tendencies (clearly dude can rage). But maybe all of the girls and the partying have finally caught up with him... or at least they appear to have in his new video, "Stereo." The latest single from his upcoming major label debut, Lace Up (due Oct. 9), we see the Cleveland-bred rapper trying to reach his girl despite the fact that he's kinda inconveniently on the run from the law. Pro tip for you MGK: Speaking as someone who watches a lot of action movies/TV, don't use your cell phone to make on-the-run calls. They can find you that way, unless it's a cheapo throwaway phone. (That one's on the house.)

Watch MGK's "Stereo" video after the jump.

In the beginning of the clip, MGK is stowed away on a bus full of women (we're sure he feels totally safe there). Then, we get a flashback to why he's on the run in the first place: a little breaking and entering with his crew (featuring Alex Fitts from The Kickdrums on the chorus). We also see MGK getting a little steamy with his girl... right until her dad busts in, and MGK's out the window (Pro tip No. 2: Always check for exits). After a ladies-only bus ride and narrowly escaping a very awkward bedroom moment, MGK thinks he's finally made his escape. So does he make it? Well, we wouldn't want to spoil the ending. But please, MGK, next time you fight the law, try not to leave such an obvious paper trail!

+ Watch MGK's "Stereo" video (NSFW lyrics).

Photo credit: UMG