Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Bros Out With His Pups (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas is having a bromance with his dogs!

We admit, we're not sure at what point the "pictures of stars and their dogs!" thing is going to get old (we're looking at you, Miley Cyrus!). But, we're kiiinda leaning toward an answer of NEVER, because would you just look at this totally bangin' photo of Joe Jonas posing with two GIGANTIC dogs? And also, chest hair! And also, we take that back about Miley because have you seen this one? Or this one? Or maybe this one? Anyway, back to Joe...

Joe Jonas recently tweeted my future wedding invitation this perfect photo of him and his chest hair (... and his muscles... and his regular hair!) posing with two pups. He captioned, "Crew love." Pardon us, did we say pups? Because we actually meant one normal-looking dog and one giant, drooling, teeth-for-days-yet-still-totally-lovable pit bull! Sorry Miley, but this may forever be the most incredible "stars and their dogs" photo... until your next one, of course. I mean the pit bull's expression alone seals the deal. And did we mention Joe's muscles? Kthxbai.

Photo credit: @JoeJonas

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