New Video: Yuna Featuring Theophilus London, 'Live Your Life'


Yuna lives it up in the U.S. in "Live Your Life."

You only live once -- unless you're as cool as Yuna, who just dropped an alternate version of "Live Your Life" featuring Theophilus London. The new video chronicles Yuna's debut U.S. tour, from hitting late night on "Conan" to chilling outside of L.A.'s Amoeba Music. The video also includes studio time with mentor/producer Pharrell and a heartwarming performance with elementary school-age singers. D'awww. I guess this is what Kanye West meant when he rapped about "the good life," right?

Watch Yuna's "Live Your Life" video after the jump.

We're stoked to see Yuna doing her thing (not to mention totally killing the head scarf game), and London only adds to the ride: "I'm gonna make you my girlfriend/ you better get ready for the whirlwind," he raps, laying down his rhymes outdoors via a series of stylish photos. Yuna's not done brightening up the U.S. either -- she's got more shows heading from Indianapolis to L.A. featuring fellow breakthrough acts Michael Kiwanuka and Allen Stone. And as if that's not enough career for one singer, Yuna's also got herself a fashion line -- so you can jack her swagger while you jam out. We can definitely live with that!

+ Watch Yuna's "Live Your Life" video.