Bruno Mars Would Like You To Know 'Whatta Man' He Really Is (VIDEO)

Bruno Mars thinks we should know "Whatta Man" he really is.

We always knew that singer, songwriter, and producer Bruno Mars was a smart and talented dude (didja know he penned tracks for B.o.B, Flo Rida, and K'naan??). To top that, he's also prone to broing down with Hugh Hefner AND appearing in the pages of Playboy itself (clothes on, obvs). But now that Bruno has just finished working on his second album, he's decided to celebrate by letting us know "whatta man" he really is.

Bruno recently tweeted, ""I Did it! FINISHED!!" and "Over a year workin on it and now Im finally finished. My 2nd album is complete!!!!! Therefore IM THE MAN!!!" Of course we never HAD any doubt, but after watching this Funny Or Die video set to Salt-n-Pepa's 1993 hit, we're sure Cheryl James, Sandra Denton, and Deidra Roper would totes agree that Bruno is in fact "a mighty, mighty good man."

Watch Bruno Mars' "Whatta Man" video spoof after the jump.

The video opens with Bruno stating, "People ask me all the time what it's like to be Bruno Mars... that's like asking me what it's like to be a man. A mighty, mighty good man." Cut to a series of clips featuring Bruno dancing in bright gold short shorts, waking up in a full-fledged tux, showering in said tux, saving dogs, goldfish, and pregnant ladies from a burning building, and watching "Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants" with his girlfriend (while spoon-feeding her ice cream). And then there's the part where Bruno yanks off some dude's entire bicep during an arm wrestling match. What?!

OK, Bruno, we're now officially on board with your "mighty good man" status. Not exactly sure why you felt it necessary to prove it to us in the first place ('cause if your second album's anything like your earlier work, we'll be fiiiiine), but as long as we've got these 17 screenshots of you showering in a tux, we won't be complaining about anything! But remember: With me, you'll be watching multiple reruns of "The Hills" while spoon-feeding me cereal. Sound good?

Watch Bruno Mars' "Whatta Man" video spoof.

Photo credit: Getty Images