Watch All Time Low's 'Somewhere In Neverland' Lyric Video (VIDEO)

All Time Low take us behind-the-scenes in their "Somewhere In Neverland" lyric video.

Pop-punk faves All Time Low's upcoming album, Don't Panic, drops Oct. 9, and we've basically been counting down the days ever since we got word. Why? Well, aside from the obvious (have you seen All Time Low's hair? HELLO), we've previewed several new songs from the upcoming disc and surprise, surprise: They're all total bangers. We've already watched the Don't Panic album trailer, which included snippets "For Baltimore," "Outlines," and "Somewhere in Neverland," heard the full version of "For Baltimore," and now we get to watch the cheeky lyric video for "Somewhere In Neverland." Seriously, how nice are these guys??!

Watch All Time Low's "Somewhere In Neverland" lyric video after the jump.

In All Time Low's "Somewhere In Neverland" lyric video, fans are treated to exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of the band on tour doing "band on tour" things! The bros sign autographs, greet ALT Stans, perform to sold-out crowds, and partake in other "we're famous rockers" shenanigans. We totally love the song, we totally love the lyric, and we know we'd TOTALLY love the album if it would just come out already! In fact, we're still petitioning for advance copies to be released to ATL die-hards (read: me!) Give it some thought, guys...

+ Watch All Time Low's "Somewhere In Neverland" lyric video.

Photo credit: Meghan Thompson