Song Premiere: Matt Hires, 'Restless Heart'

Listen to Matt Hires' brand-new song, "Restless Heart."

If you're not exactly sure who Matt Hires is yet, allow us to elaborate: the 27-year-old Tampa, Florida native has been writing and performing acoustic-driven pop rock since about 2008, and has an obvious ear for hooks. Drawing frequent comparisons to musicians like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer, Matt's predilection towards finger-snapping, toe-tapping jangle-pop is best displayed on the brand-new single "Restless Heart," which is slated to appear on his upcoming yet-to-be-titled sophomore album.

Listen to Matt Hires' "Restless Heart" after the jump.

Citing influence from a variety of musicians -- we're talking everyone from roots rock troubadours The Band to gentle indie favorite Sufjan Stevens and alt-country stars Wilco (plus we swear we can hear some shaky-voiced Conor Oberst in there), Matt communicates his take on ebullient pop in "Restless Heart," which is a rattling, strings-laden track, backed by a pounding bass drum. Opening in the same vein as the banjo-filled chorus in Mumford and Sons' "The Cave," "Restless Heart" is a winsomely catchy track that's dripping with hurt over some girl who's been playing Hot Potato with Matt's heart: "Pretty girls come from the ugliest places/ You come from the worst of them all/ Heartbreakers like you are hard to erase/ You lift me up just so I fall," chimes Matt. Hell hath no fury like a musician scorned, eh??

So after you recall all of your good-for-nothing exes to soak in "Restless Heart," you can also listen to Matt's "A to B" (2010) and "Live From the Hotel Café" (2008) EPs or 2009's full length debut "Take Us To The Start." That should tide y'all over till then! And keep your eyes peeled for Matt's upcoming sophomore release, or keep up with his tour dates and TV habits via Twitter.

Listen to Matt Hires' "Restless Heart."

Photo credit: Reid Rolls