One Direction's Liam Payne Swims With Dolphins At SeaWorld, There's Too Much Cute In The Water! (PHOTO)

One Direction's Liam Payne swims with a very happy dolphin at SeaWorld in Orlando.

Big news, guys! One Direction's Liam Payne has officially joined the "Beautiful And Talented People That Get To Swim With Sea Life" Club! Other members of the coveted organization that we made up include Shakira (inducted after her whale smooch and surviving a crazy sea lion fiasco, The Wanted (granted access after their recent swim with sharks in Australia), and even Justin Bieber (added after his Beluga whale moment). Oh, and we'd like to mention that we're completely okay with coming back as a porpoise in our next life... as long as it's one that gets to splash around with famous pop stars.

Check out One Direction's Liam Payne hanging out at SeaWorld after the jump!

The "What Makes You Beautiful" singer was recently spotted taking a short vacay at Orlando's SeaWorld (perhaps a much-needed break from making 1-Ders hyperventilate and working on the band's sophomore album). Despite Liam's vacation, it seems that the fans keep finding him -- even in the form of finned underwater mammals! Hey, I'm no marine biologist, but if I had to decipher the meaning of those ENORMOUS whale and dolphin smiles, I'd conclude that hunky British boy band fandom absolutely translates underseas.

Liam poses with a mob of whale fans!

Photo credits: Splash News