Ke$ha Reveals The (Almost Naked) Cover Art For 'Die Young' (PHOTO)

Ke$ha (just barely) wears a wreath and a shred of floss on the cover of her upcoming "Die Young" album.

Ke$ha recently whistled the melody to her new song "Die Young" (she's a pretty good whistler, FYI), and now she's debuted the cover art for the song which, incidentally, features her wearing the tame version of Lady Gaga's floral headpiece and some black Cher-esque body floss. Obviously, we're in love with it!

The VMA Instagram-er recently tweeted a photo of her new cover art, along with the caption: "getting closer. get hyped. eternal boners." Even though we totes agree (she looks seriously bangin'), we're not too sure the moms of Ke$ha's younger fan base will appreciate that tweet. (But then, when has Ke$ha ever said or done anything demure? That's why we love her, right? That and featuring James Van Der Beek in her "Blow" video!) So we're definitely feeling like "good for you, Kesh!" Not only did you have the guts to pose basically naked, but you also had the patience to sit for what must have been 10 hours of extensions in order to create your Rapunzel-esque hair moment. Zero clothes, lots of hair (and hopefully more James Van Der Beek)! We dig, lady.

 Photo credit: @keshasuxx

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