New Video: AcE Featuring Jaden And Willow Smith, 'Find You Somewhere'

The family Smith (Willow, Jaden,and  AcE  -- aka Trey Smith) team up on "Find You Somewhere."

We've heard before that the Smiths (as in Will) are a super-talented family. So let's start from the top: blockbuster parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are parents to kids Jaden Smith and Willow Smith, who are stars in their own right with radio-ready jams like "The Coolest" and the ubiquitous "Whip My Hair," respectively. But now Trey, the eldest of Will's kids, is getting his feet wet in the music game too. Under the name AcE, he's producing some pretty smooth EDM jams, and in his first video for "Find You Somewhere," he gets a little help from siblings Jaden and Willow. We just LOVE family activities.

Watch AcE featuring Jaden and Willow Smith's "Find You Somewhere" after the jump.

In the dance-floor themed clip (which honestly reminds us a LOT of Usher's "Yeah" video), we mostly see the two younger Smiths in front of the camera, while Trey minds the turntables. Oh, and Willow does ballet moves while Jaden raps, because she is a creative type who WILL NOT be stifled. The song talks about an estranged love, featuring Willow on the hook crooning: "I think I can find you somewhere." Now, hold on a second. Why would any friend of the Smiths stray too far? At minimum, they seem like they'd throw an amazing party judging by the video (directed by mom Jada). Just don't forget to pls invite us next time, OK?

+ Watch AcE featuring Jaden and Willow Smith's "Find You Somewhere."