Star Spotting: Austin Mahone Shows Off His (First-Ever!) New Car (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone is clearly psyched out of his mind about those brand-new wheels -- a red Range Rover!

How did Austin Mahone celebrate his major success with an official record deal through Chase/Universal Republic and first official music video for "Say Somethin?" Um, like any superstar 16-year-old would: by dropping some serious cash on a sweet ride! Everyone knows that retirement plans and 401k's are for chumps, guys. (J/K! Investing in your future is very, very important. You heard it here first.)

After verifying that the "11:11" singer is, in fact, legally permitted to drive ('cause that's a baby face if we've ever seen one), we were excited to see a photo of Austin's brand-new Range Rover on Twitter along with the highly enthused caption: "My first ever big purchase! #RangeRollin."

So while my first car was a powder blue 1987 Ford Escort purchased off my grandmother in 1999 (true story), it's good to know that Austin's first car is wayyy more baller-friendly. Besides, a Range Rover is an excellent choice for Austin. He needs a fly whip that sports plenty of room to pick up such famous friends as Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber, and The Wanted! (Because take it from me: nobody wants to be seen wheeling around in your grandma's Escort -- NOBODY.)

Photo credit: @AustinMahone

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