Star Spotting: Lady Gaga LITERALLY Wears A Bouquet Of Flowers As A Helmet (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga's bouquet helmet must smell AMAZING!

Well, it happened guys! Just when you thought Lady Gaga was getting a tiny bit tame (a normal-ish anchor tattoo, vaguely normal colored hair, etc.), she goes ahead and does something so bizarre and weird that you're all like: "how could we for one second think Lady Gaga was just like us?!" Rookie mistake, guys.

To celebrate the Philip Treacy London Fashion Week catwalk show, Lady Gaga thought it might be, you know, fun to wear a floral wreath helmet! And no, we didn't say a floral wreath hanging on her arm as a makeshift muff, nor did we say a lovely floral wreath hanging on her door like the rest of America. In fact, we said AROUND HER ENTIRE HEAD, as a beautiful, lovely smelling, football-style protective headgear. At least it probably smells way better than an actual football helmet.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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