Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Holds A Barbie, Proving That (Platinum) Blonds Really Do Have More Fun (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert holds a very stylish Barbie Doll at New York Fashion Week.

If there's one thing we usually won't question, it's Adam Lambert's hair. The guy's head currently houses some of the most flawless David Bowie-looking locks EVER. But when the "American Idol" alum was snapped sharing the lens with the flawlessly blonde icon Barbie, we had to admit there was a moment of hair comparison. Don't fret GLAMBERTS, OBVS Adam won by a landslide! (Yo Barbie, call us when you sport a coif, get a hard-core tattoo, and can hit major high notes like Adam -- we'll offer a rematch.)

The "Never Close Our Eyes" singer tweeted a photo (originally shared by the fashion designer Phillipe Blond) of him holding a special edition Barbie doll unveiled at The Blonds Spring 2013 show at New York Fashion Week. While we're in love of with all of Adam's outfits during Fashion Week, we really can't get over the ridic amount of REAL diamond bling that Barbie is sporting (!!!). Mostly we're contemplating bleaching our own hair, 'cause it seems like the blond rock star gets to have all the fun (even on effing unicorns!)... and clearly gets wayyy better opportunities to play with expensive dolls than us.

Photo credit: @adamlambert/ @philipeblond