Watch Ke$ha Whistle The Tune To Her New Single, 'Die Young,' While On A Tokyo Subway (VIDEO)

Ke$ha previews "Die Young" via whistling!

GUYSKe$ha just previewed her new song, "Die Young," and we're totally thrilled about it! Pardon, did we say preview? Because, we actually meant whistled a part of the melody while on a Tokyo subway! We know, VERY BIZARRE. But it's Ke$ha! Nothing is ever that normal, and that's why we dig her.

Watch Ke$ha whistle the tune to her new single, "Die Young," on a Tokyo subway after the jump.

While riding the subway in Tokyo, the adorable VMA Instagram-er decided to whistle a few bars to her soon-to-be smash. And yes, though Ke$ha does have exemplary whistling skills, we're not sure they did the melody any justice. But also, isn't it kinda impossible to re-create what we assume will be a No. 1 record with just your lips, lungs, and lil' CO2? (Science, ya'll.) All things considered, we think the whistle version of "Die Young" sounds pretty good. Just don't keep us waiting to much longer, kay? Or else I'll have to post a video of myself whistling the melody over and over again, and let's just say my underbite doesn't provide for the most palatable whistling timbre. (TMI? Sorry.)

+ Watch Ke$ha whistle the tune to her new single, "Die Young" while on a Tokyo subway.

Photo credit: Getty Images