Feel Better, Miley Cyrus! We Love You!

Miley Cyrus' tweets have been kinda sad lately, so we make a list of reasons why we love her!

If you obsessively follow Miley Cyrus' Twitter like us, you may have noticed that our fave blonde pixie has been sharing fewer warm and fuzzies and more um, (how do we put this gently?) Debbie Downers. JK! But really, Miley's tweets have been kinda melancholy as of late. Just recently she tweeted, "ever feel like you want just... something more. not exactly sure... passion perhaps?" Another tweet said, "sometimes I feel like I love everyone more than they love me. I hatttte that feeling." And while one of her messages promised, "& no there is not trouble in paradise... just thoughts," we really HAVE to ask: Why so SADZ, Miley!?

Not that we expect our fave pop stars to always be chipper ('cause no one is!), but one of our missions here at Buzzworthy is to turn famous frowns upside down (plus occasionally turning them into cats). That's why we put together our very own "Reasons Why You're Awesome, Miley!" list:

1.) You take THE BEST puppy pictures EVER!

2.) Your covers of "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" and "Lilac Wine" are like, epic.

3.) Anyone arriving to LAX will always and forever sing "Party In The U.S.A." to themselves (or is that just us?).

4.) You rock at being politically aware!

5.)  You have no problem taking fashion risks and DOMINATING every single one of them!

6.)  The fact that you are buff enough to carry that GIGANTIC engagement ring without getting exhausted.

7.)  You're a GORG morning person (with more puppies!!), and fitness is totally your forte. (Maybe that's two reasons, but we can do what we want.)

8.) And our personal favorite you let us drool swoon over your fiancé to our hearts' content.

Bottom line: WE LOVE YOU, Miley! (FYI that last point also makes you our hero.)

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