New Video: Ciara, 'Sorry'

Ciara has the perfect balance of sexy and apologetic in her "Sorry" video.

Ciara's been teasing her new song "Sorry" for a HOT MINUTE now, but finally, FINALLY the full version has arrived. In between driving her fans crazy waiting, the "Like A Boy" singer released buzz singles "Sweat," Livin' It Up," and "Sophomore." And yes, even though all of those records were total bangers, it's "Sorry" we've truly been waiting for.

Watch Ciara's "Sorry" video after the jump.

Slated as the first single off her upcoming album, One Woman Army, Ciara's new ballad emotionally speaks to a relationship gone sour. Even though she looks totally gorg, Ciara also looks totally sad as she sings about a failed love: "Aug. 4, we were chilling at the house/ Said I'm done, I told you to get out/ Didn't mean a word that I said/ Cause I was hoping you would come back." On the song's autobiographical origin, Ciara describes to Essence, "It's someone that I really loved. They'll know who they are when they hear the song." DRAMZ! But also, mystery person, are you really gonna not accept Ciara's apology when she looks that stunning?? C'mon now.

Watch Ciara's "Sorry" video.

Photo credit: Epic Records

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