Watch The Lyric Video For Pink's 'True Love' Featuring Lily Allen (VIDEO)

Pink and Lily Allen are tortured by love on their new collaboration, "True Love."

Pink is totally nailing the collaboration game right now! In fact, she's just nailing the Game Of Life in general. First, she puts on a killer performance of "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" at the 2012 MTV VMAs, has a serious hair moment with Miley Cyrus, drops the preview for her soon-to-be-smash "Slut Like You," and then debuts her totally en fuego collabo with Eminem, "Here Comes The Weekend." And while that should totally be enough... it's not! Just yesterday, Pink unleashed the the lyric video for "True Love," her new collaboration with Lily Allen. That's what we call staying on your GRIND.

Watch Pink's "True Love" lyric video featuring Lily Allen after the jump.

A sugary sweet, seriously radio-friendly pop song, "True Love" marks Allen's first release since she took time off in 2009 to take care of her daughter, Ethel. Set to a bright, airy beat, Pink and Lily muse over the toils and tribulations of falling in love. "You're an a**hole, but I love you/ And you make me so mad I ask myself/ Why I'm still here/ Where could I go/ You're the only love I've ever known," sings Pink. Later, Lily confesses, "Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be/ But without you, I'm incomplete." But in the end, both gals agree that "it must be true love," and all the emotional garbage that comes with falling for someone is probably worth it. Way to keep the glass half-full, ladies!

+ Watch the lyric video For Pink's "True Love" featuring Lily Allen.

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