Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Wears A Gilded Beehive To Her 'Fame' Perfume Launch (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga wears gold in her hair -- because she can!

GUYS: Lady Gaga threw a giant party for her "Fame" Eau De Parfum launch event at NYC's Guggenheim Museum, and guess what? She wore a gilded beehive to celebrate the occasion, because SHE CAN! Also, what better way is there to say "celebrate me!" than adorning your locks with what we assume is an 18-karat gold headband? Oh, and did we mention her perfume spritzes out, you know, BLACK? If that doesn't say "I should wear expensive gold in my hair," we don't know what does.

Unless Mother Monster's hair grows back at the speed of light (which could be true considering she's an IRL goddess), Lady Gaga mayyyyy have called upon "team extensions" to create her look. We say this since it was only a few short days ago that Gaga shaved the back of her head in honor of Terry Richardson's late mother. (And then proceeded to have an impromptu tattoo inked where her hair used to be. Uhhhhh. NBD?!) Either way, The Lady werqued it out in that gold headband, and we'd like to urge her to wear more Cleopatra-esque headpieces. Perhaps it's something she might consider incorporating into the cover art for her forthcoming ARTPOP album? It's sorta like, once your hair gets to wear expensive jewelry, there's no turning back!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News