New Video: The Tontons, 'Golden'

The Tontons

The Tontons go from the great outdoors to the green screen in their new video for "Golden."

The Tontons may hail from Houston, but in their new video for "Golden," Asli Omar looks like she just caught the first flight home from New York Fashion Week. In fact, the indie frontwoman's "Drive"-worthy tiger-print shirt and a patterned skirt could make even Ryan (Hey, girl) Gosling blush! Rawr! No pressure, boys.

Watch The Tontons' "Golden" video after the jump.

The video finds Omar singing and dancing like everyone's watching as her bandmates set up behind her, which gives the group plenty of time to get all their knob-twists juuuust right. While the band doesn’t move much, the backdrop matches Omar’s motion, heading from the forest to an underground lair thanks to a green screen and some old-school special effects -- wait...we think we recognize those rocks from a "Star Trek" episode.

While we've compared the indie act to Metric, the group's energetic rock has a home in plenty of other genres, including hip-hop -- Southern rap O.G. Bun B recently proclaimed over Twitter that the Tontons were "the best band in Houston." Hey, maybe the band can borrow Bun for a guest verse on their next jam, or at least film a video at his crib -- in the meantime, the Tontons will be hitting the road, touring through Texas, Tennessee, Georgia and more. Hope they remember to pack their sizzurp. And further Ryan Gosling-inspired attire.

+ Watch The Tontons' "Golden" video.