New Video: P.O.S., 'F*** Your Stuff'

P.O.S. is out for destruction in "F*** Your Stuff."

It's been a minute since we checked in with Minneapolis Rhymesayers/ Doomtree rhymer P.O.S., but after three long years, he's back with his fourth solo album, We Don't Even Live Here (due Oct. 23). The LP's first single, "F*** Your Stuff," has a very specific message: P.O.S. is not a fan of your material possessions. In fact, suffice it to say, he would probably destroy them if he had the chance. (Imma tuck my iPhone in, y'all. I went through TOO much for this.)

Watch P.O.S.' "F*** Your Stuff" after the jump.

In the wild clip, P.O.S. (along with some friends) are hanging out in an empty basin when they start a fire. (?! Also DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!) Destructive, but OK, I'll allow it. Guitars, phones, soccer balls, and anything they can find are thrown into the pyre, all in the name of not being possessed by their possessions (oooh, turned that around on you.)

P.O.S. goes on about his un-need for jewels, shoes, and the typical rapper gear: "They can teach you how to front/ I am really raw/ I ain't seen a mirror in a month." I have major respect there, I think I may be looking in a mirror right now (Is my hair OK?) Later on, P.O.S and his crew totally trash a sports car, because it should be obvious by now that these things just aren't important to them. Hmm... though technically that car wasn't theirs to begin with, so we're thinking that last move was just plain disrespectful. Someone clearly DGAF! Well, all car beatings aside, we still appreciate the minimalist message. Never change, P.O.S.

+ Watch P.O.S.' "F*** Your Stuff" (NSFW Lyrics)

Photo credit: Kelly Loverud