POSTED: Cher Lloyd Chats Brats, Sings Acoustic Version Of 'Want U Back' (VIDEOS)

Cher Lloyd reveals the secret behind Brats and THE GRUNT!

If you still aren't familiar with Cher Lloyd, here are a couple of starting tips: Cher recently dominated the U.K. on "The X Factor," and has likewise infiltrated American radio airwaves with smashes like "Want U Back." Want more? Well, here's your chance to take a Cher "Oath" and solemnly swear to learn everything about the singer now that she's MTV's POSTED artist for September! All month long, we'll follow the Sticks & Stones singer with exclusive videos and interviews at

This week, Cher chats about her love for her devoted fans (aka "The Brats") and offers us an exclusive live version of her latest hit, "Want U Back."

Watch Cher Lloyd talk about "The Brats" and play her acoustic version of "Want U back" after the jump!

In the first clip, Cher sends some shout-outs to her fans while explaining "The Brat" philosophy: "Everyone's got a bit a brat in them... I've never met such passionate people in my life. Whenever I go into an event, I know they got my back." We also learn how that infamous grunt noise from "Want U Back" came about (She couldn't hit a certain note, so she grunted instead!) and how to properly execute them. Life = changed.

The next video captures a stripped-down version of Cher's "Want U Back." You may already know that the fashionable Brit has killer pipes after watching her live performance of Robyn's "Dancing On My Own," and this live take on her "Get what I want" anthem is equally stunning. Unfortunately, this version is sans grunts, but now that we learned how to do 'em, you can go ahead and add your own.

+ Watch Cher Lloyd talk about her "Brats" and perform an acoustic version of "Want U Back."