Happy 19th Birthday, Niall Horan!

They say it's my birthday!

Happy birthday, One Direction's Niall Horan! It's sorta cray how much you've already done for only being 19! Most kids your age are just tackling their second year of college! (Hey, navigating a university cafeteria is HARD. So much cereal, so little time.) Sadly, we're not rich enough to give you a gift you don't already known, so we'll just have to give you the gift of an ego boost while reminding you of all the amazing things you've accomplished so far in life!

You've already won 2012 VMAs in both the "Most Share-Worthy" and "Best Pop Video" categories, as well as the coveted "Best New Artist" award. You've had the privilege of cooking a meal with JUSTIN BIEBER and -- wait for it -- you've SMOOCHED KATY PERRY. Oh, and let us not forget that Niall had the esteemed honor of becoming GIF-ified by our GIF experts, slo-mo'd by our slow-mo experts, and cat-ified our cat experts. YEP, QUITE A YEAR.

And while we're over here at our desks getting super psyched (read: crafting GIFs) over Niall's b-day, Niall himself seems pretty pumped to turn the big 1-9! Today he tweeted about it to all his Directioners: "I'm 19! Wohoooo!" D'you suppose he'll go on another surfing adventure to celebrate? Or maybe track down Katy Perry for a birthday smooch? Just some ideas! Enjoy your special day, Niall!

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