Star Spotting: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Whisper Secrets To Each Other At New York Fashion Week (PHOTO)

How much would you pay to know what Kanye was whispering to Kim here?

It's been about five days since we've even uttered the word "Kimye," which is about 4.99 days too long! (IMHO of course.) Kimye, otherwise known as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, otherwise known the second Royal Couple in waiting after Jay-Z and Beyoncé (sorry, you know it's true), were snapped telling secrets while sitting front row at Louise Goldin's Spring 2013 NYFW fashion show at Milk Studios in NYC.

Obviously, we'd pay this and next year's salary to know what Kanye was saying to Kim, but if we had to guess, it was probably something like, "Don't worry baby... I've pre-ordered the entire collection for you in your size, and it's already waiting for you at home in your giant walk-in closet that's bigger than most NYC studio apartments." Or perhaps it was, "Baby, do you want sushi or Italian for dinner tonight? Don't forget: Italian gives you indigestion?" Whatever it was though, we're basically positive it was INCREDIBLE. It's like, you're gonna tell me that a couple that looks like THIS and THIS and THIS is gonna whisper something boring? I don't think so.

Photo credit: Getty Images