Rihanna Rocks A Pair Of Gold Grills While Out To Dinner In L.A.! (PHOTO)

Rihanna wears some major mouthwear while out to eat in L.A.

Rihanna is clearly a fierce fashion icon. NO ONE is debating this. Even Chris Brown is (allegedly) taking style cues from RiRi. Well, they don't say that "art influences art" for nothing, because it looks like Rihanna's been taking her sartorial cues from VMA performance partner A$AP Rocky, or maybe U.S. gold medal swimmer and professional hot guy Ryan Lochte (JEAH!) Cause check out the grill Rihanna is rocking right now!

As our friends over at VH1 pointed out, Rih was snapped post-meal in L.A. after which she nearly blinded paparazzi with her shiny gold grills. We've never questioned Rihanna's gangsta credentials, but we can't help but be curious: Do you have to take the grills out of your mouth when you eat? 'Cause it seems like a grill would only make stuff taste more like pricey metal. But hey, maybe we don't have expensive taste. (SORRY, HAD TO.)

Photo credit: Splash News