Chris Brown's New Fighter Jet Tattoo Looks Curiously Similar To Rihanna's Isis Tattoo (PHOTO)

See Chris Brown's fighter jet tattoo on the right and Rihanna's Isis on the left. Coincidence?

So, remember when Rihanna tweeted a photo of the Goddess Isis tattoo she got in honor of her late grandmother Gran Gran Dolly? Yeah, well, Chris Brown just got a suspiciously similar tattoo in basically the same location. Coincidence?

If you were reading the internet yesterday (and you were because it's your job), you may have noticed the haze of rumors surrounding Chris Brown's maybe-maybe-not tattoo of Rihanna's beaten face on his neck (related: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?), and now we can add Chris' new fighter jet tattoo to the list of his potentially controversial ink. While Chris' jet isn't an exact replica of Rihanna's Goddess Isis tattoo, we still can't help but notice the aesthetic and locational similarities between the pieces of body art. And what was it that Freud once said? That there are no mistakes and no coincidences? Anyway, either Chris and Rihanna had a subconscious desire to get similar tattoos in similar places, or they're communicating through body art.

Photo credit: Rihanna's instagram/Chris Brown's instagram