Listen To The Unreleased Demo Of Michael Jackson's 'Al Capone'

Check out The King of Pop's previously unreleased song "Al Capone."

Whether or not you were around for his full reign, Michael Jackson was (and pretty much remains) THE undisputed King of Pop. It's truly a testament to his talents that he's still getting major rotation on our playlists decades after the release of "Thriller." That's why we are SO happy that one of MJ's classic albums, Bad (which housed hits like "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Man In The Mirror," "Smooth Criminal," and the title track "Bad"), is getting a 25th anniversary edition. The re-release doesn't come out until next week (Sept. 18 to be exact), but you CAN preview of one of its unreleased tracks, "Al Capone" before the album drops.

Listen to Michael Jackson's "Al Capone," after the jump.

On "Al Capone," Michael sings about the infamous Prohibition-era mobster above a creeping, marauding beat -- a beat that may sound veryyy familiar to some MJ fans. That's because "Al Capone" was later rewritten to become MJ's 1988 hit "Smooth Criminal"! (Annie, are you OK?!) Fun facts, guys! But seriously, we are TOTALLY ready for Bad 25.

+ Listen to Michael Jackson's "Al Capone," watch the "Smooth Criminal" video, and listen to the remix of "Bad" featuring Pitbull and Afrojack on Bad 25.

Photo credit: Epic Records