Cee Lo's Christmas Album Cover Involves A Reindeer Driving A Convertible!

Cee Lo's upcoming Christmas album cover reminds us of Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers!

Right, so we've JUST gotten past that point in summer where we cannot stop sweating, and are starting to dream about the cool, crisp relief of fall. I mean, guys -- Labor Day practically just ended. But you know what? We think Cee Lo may be looking even farther ahead on the calendar since the dude has already released the cover art for his upcoming CHRISTMAS ALBUM! You know, Christmas! The time you drive a Convertible sleigh pulled by some magical-looking horses and ask people to give you lots of things!

Anyway, we've got the "Voice" judge to thank for getting us in the Christmas spirit because his Cee Lo's Magic Moment cover art is laced with horsey Christmas goodness. Scheduled to be released on Oct. 30, Cee Lo's version of Christmas depicts him as a pimped-out Santa, wearing a purple fur coat instead of a red Santa suit, riding shotgun in a convertible driven by A REINDEER. But that would be Cee Lo's ideal Christmas, now wouldn't it? 'Can't wait to hear the record, Cee!

Photo credit: Elektra Records