Lady Gaga Shaves The Back Of Her Head In Honor Of Terry Richardson's Late Mother (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga shaves the back of her head!

It's not like Lady Gaga NEEDS to be any more of a rock star. She has her own airline, is immune to sweating, and isn't subject to TSA airport regulations. And now she's shaven entire back of her head. But don't worry, guys! It's for a beautiful cause.

As you may already know, Lady Gaga has an incredibly close relationship with famed photog, Terry Richardson. Sadly, Terry's mother passed away yesterday, and to honor her life, Lady Gaga shaved the back of her head and posted the caption "I did it for u Terry. I'm sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high."

If you're a tad confused as to what Gaga's caption means, we'll remind you that "Princess Die" is a reference to a song she's been playing on her Born This Way Ball and will most likely will appear on Gaga's next album, ARTPOP. A lovely tribute for what we assume was a totally lovely lady. Also. we're juuust sayin' -- maybe this means Gaga and Rihanna should meet for a body art summit??

Photo credit: @LadyGaga

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