New Song: Pink Featuring Eminem, 'Here Comes The Weekend'

Pink and Eminem collaborate on a new song "Here Comes The Weekend."

Guys, GUYS! Haven't we always said that Pink and Eminem should collaborate again? (The duo previously collaborated on "Won't Back Down" off Eminem's 2010 album, Recovery.) No? You don't remember us saying that? Well, I definitely said it in my head a BUNCH of times, and now it's actually happening! ::Silently prays for a pony::

Well anyway, Eminem's always had this to-the-point, no-BS attitude, and come to think of it, so has Pink (see her latest song "Slut Like You"), so really it makes perfect sense that the rebellious duo would come together again to create another BS-free track. 100 percent realness. Or whatever the opposite of BS is.

+ Listen to Pink Featuring Eminem, "Here Comes The Weekend" after the jump.

Pink and Eminem's DJ Khalil-produced collaboration is called "Here Comes The Weekend," and true to form, it's loud, rowdy, raucous... and pretty much just about how great it is to party down Saturday through Sunday. In her booming voice, Pink is boldly featured on the hook while Eminem spits his pro-weekend verse a bit later: "I'm not Puffy, but I'ma run the city tonight/When I hit it, I might act like a friggin' idiot." When asked about their collaboration, Pink said it was as easy as a one conversation: "I said, ‘Do you want to do a song with me?' and he said, 'F*** yeah!' Handshake. Nothing signed. Done." BOOM! And that's how it's done, y'all.

Listen to Pink Featuring Eminem, "Here Comes The Weekend."

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