Video Premiere: Josh Baze, 'She's Gold'

Josh Baze cozies up to his golden girl in his "She's Gold" video.

By now there should be zero uncertainty that Buzz On alum Josh Baze is headed for household-name stardom. And if the behind-the-scenes sneak peek preview of his "She's Gold" video didn't convince you, then you should really go somewhere, sit with yourself, and really refocus, because Josh is the realness. But fortunately, you're already Team Baze, and double-fortunately we've got the full-length "She's Gold" video, directed by Griffin Guess. (You can thank us later, perhaps in the form of THIS. Or we'll take the smaller version if that's all you can find.)

Watch Josh Baze's "She's Gold" video after the jump.

Remember when we told you that Josh Baze spray-painted a hot model chick gold in his "She's Gold" video? I'm here to confirm that that DEFINITELY happy and to confirm that that confirms his baller status.

In addition to fun with spray paint, Josh and his golden girl cozy up on expensive whips, dance around, and make puppy eyes while canoodling in front of a customized "Baze" neon sign. That's right -- a custom NEON SIGN. We thought that kinda tricked-out stuff was only reserved for like, Diddy's white party or Kanye's shoe closet whatever? Guess Josh is already there. There's a bunch more flirting and sexy almost-hookups that go on until Josh and his golden girl are excused to uhhhh, do some stuff that probably wouldn't make it into an actual music video. Side note, anyone know if these two are dating? If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, GUYS?

+ Watch Josh Baze's "She's Gold" video.

Photo credit: Cartel Records

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