New Video: Austin Mahone, 'Say Somethin'

Austin Mahone's video for "Say Somethin" is finally here, Mahomies!!!

HUGE BREAKING NEWS, MAHONIES: "Say Somethin," the first video from Austin Mahone's upcoming major-label debut, is finally here!! So far we've seen Austin snack on breakfast treats with fellow pop stars, chase waterfalls in Orlando, and tweet a photo of his new haircut (ahem, minus a shirt), but now the time has finally come to do what he was born to do, which is release his FIRST. EVER. MUSIC VIDEO. It's about time, Austin!

Watch Austin Mahone's "Say Somethin" video after the jump.

As the clip kicks off, we see Austin on his first day of school (a dreaded day familiar to most of us), but unlike OUR first days at school, Austin seems to be starting things off on the right foot. I mean, look, he's already got his sights on a special lady! Dude works quick. (Also, are we wrong to think this video plays out like a parallel universe version of Britney Spears' landmark video for "...Baby One More Time" with all of that high school scenery??)

Now, Austin (with all of his swag and style) decides to invite his special lady to meet up in the gym after class. How does he gain access to that stuff? Isn't it still the first day? Don't they get a half day? Either way, Austin proceeds to dance and charm his way right into homegirl's heart. She never had a chance, guys. But honestly, who would?

+ Watch Austin Mahone's "Say Somethin" video.

Photo credit: UMG

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