Paramore's Hayley Williams Bakes Perfect Cupcakes, And We Think It's Time For A Pop Star Bake-Off! (PHOTO)

Paramore's Hayley Williams is a master on stage and in the kitchen.

When Hayley Williams isn't taking care of business working on Paramore's next album, Brand New Eyes, you can probably expect to see her living the most adorbz life possible. And if you can't find her cuddling with tiny puppies or hypnotizing fish, she'll be in the kitchen instead whipping up some delicious cupcakes, obvs!

Check out Hayley Williams' Perfect Cupcake after the jump!

The "Only Exception" singer shared a photo of her making cupcakes for her band on Instagram along with the caption "Immediately after a real heavy-duty sweaty good workout, I find it's best to make cupcakes to share with your bandmates and also to eat some yourself... - h" Um, eating desserts after a workout? That's the best idea we've heard in a minute -- 'cause the calories cancel themselves out, right?

OR Hayley could have a bake-off against fellow cupcake-loving duo Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez! Demi Lovato could even be the taste-testing judge, since we know how much she loves the mini versions of the dessert! OMG, we're getting a sugar buzz just thinking about some of the world's sweetest ladies in the same room making delicious pastries! SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN... and don't forget to invite us!

If you just tried to lick your computer screen... please know that you're not alone.

 Photo credit: @paramorestudio