Josh Baze Gets A Golden Girl And A DeLorean In His 'She's Gold' Video Preview

Josh Baze gets the girl AND the DeLorean in his "She's Gold" video.

Remember when we hypothesized that Buzz On alum Josh Baze was about to become monstrously famous? Well, judging by how baller he looks in the sneak peek clip of his upcoming video, "She's Gold," we're confident we were right. Also, hair flip!

If you've forgotten (but don't let that happen again), we'll remind you that Josh Baze is a Brooklyn-bred MC whose debut album, Hi-Heels & Low-Lifes, has already won him throngs of devoted fans. What's more, Marisa Miller, supermodel and Sports Illustrated/Victoria's Secret goddess is such a Baze fan that she agreed to appear on the cover of his debut album in a corset and dangerously high heels. (See? Baller status.) Hi-Heels & Low-Lifes was produced by Griffin Guess, who's worked with Kanye West. And did we mention Josh has already performed on "Last Call With Carson Daly"? See? Balling out, no question.

Watch a sneak peek of Josh Baze's "She's Gold" video after the jump.

Since you're now probably obsessed/infatuated with Josh Baze, lucky for you we've got some exclusive footage from the set of Josh's "She's Gold" video. You're welcome! Shot at New York's famed Milk studios, the behind-the-scenes footage shows a totally tricked-out Josh spitting his verses in front of some awesome retro-looking boom boxes. We also get to meet Ms. Gold, (a totally hot model chick) and see her literally get painted, well, gold, with an incredible gold-painting-contraption-thingie. Oh, and did we mention he gets the girl AND the DeLorean? Because he gets both.

As with all sneak peeks, we're only left wanting more and dealing with our instant-gratification issues. Thankfully we don't have to wait too long since we'll be premiering Josh Baze's "She's Gold" video here on Buzzworthy soon, so stay tuned... and stay golden.

+ Watch a sneak peek of Josh Baze's "She's Gold" video.

Photo credit: Cartel Records