Listen To A Preview Of Missy Elliott's '9th Inning' Featuring Timbaland

Remember when we told you that the feelings we have regarding Missy Elliott's return to music are on par with how we'd feel if we were asked out by say, Robert Pattinson and/or Ryan Gosling? WELL, take those feelings and raise them one date with Javier Bardem, because Missy Elliott has now released a studio version preview of her brand-new joint, "9th Inning" featuring Timbaland. And of COURSE it RULES. Rejoice!

Listen to a preview of Missy Elliott's "9th Inning" featuring Timabaland after the jump.

We knew Missy had something amazing up her sleeve when she debuted the track live over Labor Day Weekend, but the studio version of "9th Inning" provides a much clearer picture into what we can expect from the full-length version. Over a booming beat courtesy of Missy's producer-in-crime Timbaland, Missy spits a triumphant verse: "Now I’m in the 9th inning/Thought I fell off'/I ain’t quite finish.../2012 there’ll be no games/ Real rap, real bars, I'm not playin'." Yeah bb girl, we never thought you were! But we're happy for the clarification, nonetheless. Also, what's it gonna take for a full-time Missy Stan to get hooked up with the full-length version of "9th Inning" ASAP? Dying a slow death waiting over here.

+ Listen to a preview of Missy Elliott's "9th Inning" featuring Timabaland.

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