New Song: Cher Lloyd Featuring Becky G, 'Oath'

Cher Lloyd's new song "Oath" will appear on her upcoming "Sticks & Stones" album.

While most pop stars sing about their boyfriends, their ex-boyfriends, their rich boyfriends, and being pretty loaded themselves, it's kinda awesome (and a nice change of pace) to hear someone singing about their BFF! This is the part where we cue Cher Lloyd's new song "Oath," which has a sugary-sweet pop flavor and a best-friend theme.

Listen to Cher Lloyd's "Oath" after the jump.

As if watching Cher Lloyd teach us how to lose a guy in five ways didn't already make us wanna be her insta-BFF, one listen to "Oath" and we're running to the store to buy some vaguely hideous woven friendship bracelets and/or those amazing broken-down-the-middle heart necklaces.

In her new song, Cher reminisces about time spent participating in youthful shenanigans like totaling "your dad's new car" and "sneaking out of the house," but in the end, Cher's all about supporting her bestie: "Wherever you go, just always remember/That you got a home for now and forever/And if you get low, just call me whenever/This is my oath to you."

Also featuring rhymes by Becky G (the chick who made a cameo in Cody Simpson's "Wish You Were Here" video), "Oath" pretty much makes us all wanna go "AWWW!" till we break down in tears. Now go hug your BFF and tell them that if they ever total your dad's car, you've got their back. Also, try not to total your dad's car.

Listen to Cher Lloyd's "Oath." 

Photo credit: Epic Records