New Song: Ciara, 'Sophomore'

Ciara plays the role of sexy teacher in her new song "Sophomore."

Ciara's been gone for a minute (which is about 59.5 seconds too long if you ask us!), but that's all about to change (yay!). After releasing buzz singles "Sweat" and "Livin' It Up," the "Like A Boy" singer is currently prepping to unveil "Sorry," the second single from her upcoming One Woman Army disc. But did you really think getting your Ciara-obsessed ears on "Sorry" would be easy? Nope, no you didn't. While we wait patiently for "Sorry" to drop, Ciara opted to tide us over with another new track, "Sophomore."

Listen to Ciara's "Sophomore" after the jump.

Unveiled by DJ Orator and produced by Soundz, "Sophomore" features Ciara as a grown-ass woman who plans to school her partner in, ahem, sex education. Plus probably a few other nighttime activities they definitely don't teach you in school. As a seductive beat fills the track, Ciara coos: "Come be my student, Imma be your teacher/Let’s play a little game, follow the leader/I give a little less in the sexy education/You know I can work it like that." OK, DAYUM. Clearly Ciara is a total sexpert, and she's absolutely OK if the world knows it. (Sounds a tad like Pink's new song preview from yesterday, no?) Werque! Also, how could you not be a sexpert when you've got such killer stems? Case closed.

Listen to Ciara's "Sophomore." 

Photo credit: Epic Records