New Song: Twenty | One | Pilots, 'Holding On To You'

Check out Twenty | One | Pilots' brand-new single, "Holding On To You."

Hey, guys! So... do you like hip-hop? Maybe some piano-rock? Or some indie rock? Well, good. So do we. (I mean, it's pretty vital to our existence here, yeah?) And now we've found a band for everybody on this list, because we're people pleasers like that. Introducing the Columbus-based two-piece Twenty | One | Pilots, who have just released the ridiculously energetic, genre-spanning track "Holding On To You."

Listen to Twenty | One | Pilots' new song, "Holding On To You" after the jump.

Acting as the lead single on Twenty | One | Pilots' upcoming album, "Vessel," we were immediately struck by the way these guys cram so many sounds into JUST. ONE. SONG. In a really good way! (Now maybe they can help me reorganize my closet...?)

Band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun's new track opens with heavy-hitting rap verses, and quickly blends into emotion-building, piano-driven chorus lines while recalling influences ranging from vintage hip-hop acts like the Beastie Boys, power-indie pop act Matt & Kim, and piano pounders Something Corporate (or Ben Folds, depending on your taste). We even detect a little bit of strung-out Walkmen-esque vocals in there! Bottom line, here's our attention spans, Twenty | One | Pilots. You've earned them!

Twenty | One | Pilots' brand-new album "Vessel" officially drops Jan. 8.

Listen to Twenty | One | Pilots' new song, "Holding On To You."

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