Watch The Lyric Video For Alicia Keys' 'Not Even The King' (VIDEO)

Listen to Alicia Keys' latest, "Not Even The King."

Alicia Keys is a real overachiever, guys. Like, it's not enough for her to demolish her "Girl On Fire" performance at the 2012 MTV VMAs, but she also recently appeared in the Stand Up to Cancer telethon, and has just released a studio recording of her latest jam, "Not Even The King." And the "Most Productive Pop Star Of The Week Award" goes to....YEP.

Watch the lyric video for Alicia Keys' "Not Even The King" after the jump. 

Cowritten by MTV Push Alum Emeli Sande, "Not Even The King" is a piano-driven track that has Alicia singing about good wealth (wealth of the soul and spirit!) versus less-good wealth (say, being able to afford the entire Alexander Wang Resort 2013 collection): "Some people waste their lives counting their thousands/I don't care what they're offering/How much gold they bring/They can't afford what we got/Not even the king/They can't afford what we got/Not even the king." Deep, Alicia! And seriously, while we totally dig Ms. Keys' slickly produced "New Day," we can't help it if all we wanna do is sit back with a nice glass of red wine and a boyfriend, and just soak in the sound of Alicia's voice. Still working on that boyfriend part, though.

+ Watch the lyric video for Alicia Keys' "Not Even The King." 

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