Austin Mahone Gets A Shorter Haircut, And We Are Madly In Love With It! (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone shows off his new shorter 'do!

Now that Austin Mahone has scored an official record deal with Chase/Universal Republic (!!!), he probably wanted to upgrade his look for the part! And what better way is there to do that than getting a stylish new haircut? Everyone knows that continued world domination begins with flawless hair! Plus Austin looks waaay older than 16 now (like, a year older -- but still). Now all he needs is some facial hair...

The YouTube sensation gone megastar recently tweeted a photo of his new shorter 'do along with the caption "What do you think? New hairstyle?:)" We really appreciate that Austin asked us for our opinion, and we're gonna be completely honest about the way we feel: WE. ADORE. IT! Not only is the hair-to-gel ratio absolutely perfect (dudes, crunchy hair is just NOT OK -- capiche?!), Austin's new style is right on par with fellow good-looking BFFs Justin Bieber and The Wanted.

Now all we have left on our wish list is a live-action preview of his "Say Something" video (DROPPING TOMORROW). And as though he heard our hair-related prayers, Austin recently shared a still from the video on his Twitter, but he's wearing a hat! We want a peek! (Also, leave it to Austin to make "hat hair" a THING).

Photo credit: @AustinMahone