New Song: Taylor Swift, 'Ronan'

Taylor Swift performs "Ronan" at Stand Up to Cancer 2012.

By now we're used to hearing Taylor Swift sing songs about her exes (ahem "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," ahem "Dear John," ahem basically all of Taylor Swift's songs), but this time Taylor has been spotted singing about something a little more serious. And we're loving it! (Kind of like her recent departure from little-girl sundresses to ladylike pantsuits!)

Listen to Taylor Swift's new song "Ronan" after the jump.

"Ronan," Taylor's new song, is about a boy named Ronan Thompson who succumbed to cancer last year at 4 years old. The song, cowritten by Taylor and Maya Thompson (Ronan's mom), is a heartbreakingly painful yet poignant ballad that speaks to Ronan's strength and the joy he brought to everyone in his life: "Come on baby with me/We're gonna fly away from here/You were my best four years...No one knows what to say about a beautiful boy who died." Taylor recently debuted her song at the 2012 Stand Up to Cancer event, and all proceeds from the sale of the track directly benefit the Taylor Swift Charitable Fund. Definitely take a listen to this track -- even buy it -- but make sure to grab a giant box of tissues along with your headphones. Actually, six boxes.

+ Listen to Taylor Swift's "Ronan."

Photo credit: Getty Images

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