Rihanna Gets Some Brand-New Ink In Honor Of Her Gran Gran Dolly (NSFW) (PHOTO)

Rihanna got a beautiful new tattoo in honor of her late grandmother.

Rihanna's beloved grandmother Dolly (or "Gran Gran Dolly" as Rihanna referred to her) recently passed away from cancer. In her honor, Rihanna has sent out countless tweets praising her late Gran, toasted Dolly with a cold brewski, and now, has inked herself with the Goddess Isis in Gran Gran's honor. Clearly, Dolly was a special lady.

Rihanna shared her new ink with fans, tweeting a photo and offering an explanation: "Goddess Isis- Complete Woman - Model for future generations- #GRANGRANDOLLY - always in and on my heart #1lo." If you're a little confused as to where exactly this tat is located, let's just say it's basically located in the "under-boob" region. (Ouch!!) In other words, when Rihanna gets a little naked, which incidentally is all the time, you'll be able to see it. A ballsy move for sure, but from what we can tell, Gran Gran Dolly deserves a bold tribute. And you can trust Rihanna to provide one. (Ooh...and maybe next she'll get a BFF tat with new bestie Katy Perry?) Cheers to you, Dolly!

Photo credit: @Rihanna