Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Taught Us How To Love At The VMAs

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa's love makes us feel safer in this uncertain world.

Dear Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose,

First of all, mazel tov on your baby bump! You were both rocking the parents-to-be glow last night while posing on the 2012 MTV VMA Red Carpet, and you know what? You guys looked GOOD. Wanna know what else looked phenomenal? YOUR LOVE! In addition to slaying the fashion game -- pregnant Amber Rose turned up in a nude lace dress and outfoxed pretty much all of the not-pregnant chicks on the red carpet.

You two were the sweetest, loveliest of couples, fawning over each other, patting Amber's belly, holding hands, and being the nuzzliest couple at the VMAs (besides Katy Perry and Rihanna) but NEVER in that eye-rolly PDA way. Only in the way that's like TEACH ME HOW TO LOVE LIKE THAT. And I know Wiz is OVER THE MOON over your pregnancy, but we're basically kvelling like proud hens over here, too.

Again, we're not into starting feuds all up in this blog, but if the 2012 MTV VMAs were a high school yearbook (and let's be honest -- the VMAs are basically an enormous pop prom), you guys would easily win "Cutest Couple." (Not that you should be pregnant in your high school yearbook.) I'm so obsessed with how cute this entire thing is that I'm counting down the days until we can see your li'l one stuntin' in those Gucci diapers Mac Miller's gonna send over. Also, I'm envisioning playdates with Blue Ivy. We honestly cannot wait to meet the soon-to-be chillest baby ever. And by "meet," we mean obsessively stalk your Twitter feed until the baby comes and you post a Twitpic.


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