Ke$ha, Katy Perry & The Wanted Took Really Cute Instagram Photos At The VMAs! (PHOTOS)

We're happy Ke$ha didn't let good dental hygiene go by the wayside before the VMAs!

Let us be the first to say that we LOVE what Instagram has done for our 2012 MTV VMAs-watching experience. Now, in addition to seeing what celebrities wear on the red carpet via the power of live blogging, we can basically live in our favorite celebrities' phones and witness their most LOL-worthy moments. Like the one of Ke$ha brushing her teeth while half-naked and holding some ambiguous looking foil! (Perhaps a sandwich cover? Has Ke$ha remembered the importance of brushing after every meal?) And guys, we found some AH-MAZING pics from this year's VMAs. You wanna see more? Well, good, 'cause we're here for you.

Check out some of our favorite celebrity Instagram photos from the VMAs after the jump.

In addition to nuzzling in Rihanna's neck, Katy Perry is well aware that there's a Democratic National Convention on! VOTE!

Alicia Keys is the only person we know (of) who would look that good pounding the piano keys in a plunging/backless top!

Hey there, fun. Whatcha got there?? Some pizza topped with Raisinettes? We knew you had to get your energy from somewhere.

The Wanted's Max George demonstrates the angry smize.

Katy Perry somehow became an alien in 2 Chainz's presence. Respect.

2 Chainz performs "Yuck" and "No Worries" with Lil Wayne's butt.

Katy Perry and Rihanna weren't the only besties tonight: Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj also enjoyed hugsies backstage!

Mac Miller and the Olympic gymnastics team? Look away from his "DOPE" tattoo, guys! Backflips, not drugs!

Walk The Moon sometimes just don't know how to feel.

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Photo credit: @iiswhoiis/@katyperry/@aliciakeys/@ournameisfun/@bradhaugen/@2chainz/@ashtonparson/@takingpicturesofqsleeping/@walkthemoonband /@aliciakeys